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Choosing Your Cabin  16June2018

Picking your cabin can really make a difference to how much you enjoy your cruise.

On ocean crossings, a cabin in the middle part of the ship reduces pitch (the foward/aft motion). Roll (the tilt of the ship to the side) is less a problem on most large cruise ships. The mid-level decks are best if you will sail the high latitudes (closest to the poles). Having an ocean view/balcony lets you see the horizon, a method sailors use to reduce sea-sickness.

On the vast majority of cruises, the ships pitch and roll are so minimal that they are not the reason to choose one cabin over another. Here are the top things I look at:

  • Access/closeness to an elevator (or spa or pool or self-service laundry)
  • Not being right above or below the all night dance club or other loud venue
  • The best side (port/starboard) for seeing the sights during the cruise
  • Higher decks for the reason (these usually are more expensive)
  • Not having an overly-obstructed view

Be sure to let your travel agent know what is important to you.